Best Browsers for Mac OS : Top Web Browsers for 2016

I wonder if I could live without Internet for even a day. These days, Internet has become an integral part of human life. Even when we move from one place to another, we usually keep an eye on our smartphone which makes use of Internet and keeps us updated with email, social networks etc.
The rise of Internet is remarkable and hence, we new good web browser to make full use of services available online.
For Apple users, when it comes to MAC, there are lot many options in terms of web browser which offers different kind of facilities. Often, MAC user rely of Safari browser to browse Internet and a lot of us also uses Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But at the end of day, every browser lags a few features. Hence it might be difficult to consolidate a list of best browsers for MAC. But then, I decided that nothing could be more useful for readers than a list of best browser for MAC to begin with. A few users here might also be interested in knowing about fastest browser for MAC.
For those who are not aware about basic terms, here is a glossary:

Top 3 Web Browser for Macintosh

Flock Web Browser

Based on Firefox 3 technology, Flock Web Browser is a super blend for Apple users. It is fast web browser, easy to integrate with social networks including Facebook and Twitter. It also provide advanced features such as RSS Feeds, Page Sharing etc.
What Mac users will like is the fact that browser has got capability to directly open PDF and PPT files.

Maxthon Web Browser

For a minimal look and simple looking browser, Maxthon web browser allows you keep your focus on the web pages you are browsing. This browser do not offer ample of features which are too difficult to use. It simply offer great experience and speed in web browsing on MAC.

Apple Safari

Why download any third-party web browser when Apple themselves offer a browser as good Safari! It is often said that no one understands the Apple hardware better than Apple themselves. Apple safari make use of hardware based rendering which offers great user experience. There are other features such as One click sharing etc which are easy to use and help increase productivity.

So this was my short and simple list of best web browsers for MAC. Which one do you use?


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